Welcome to The Anti-Aging Secrets!

Maria Quezada Hernandez

Founder and CEO of Aromatherapy Now LLC dba Mount Olympus Wellness

Discover Maria’s anti-aging secrets!

View a series of videos on anti-aging presented by Maria Quezada Hernandez of Mount Olympus Wellness on YouTube at:

Secrets to Ageless Skin:


Reiki Natural Skin Care:


Clear Beautiful Skin – Exfoliation:


Healthy Hydrated Skin – Masking:


Thank you for viewing.

Maria Quezada Hernandez of Mount Olympus Wellness

http://www.mountolympuswellness.com / info@mountolympuswellness.com / tel. 949.460.9669

2 Responses to “Welcome to The Anti-Aging Secrets!”

  1. Michael Lavery Says:

    I love the products that you make, especially the serums. I play lots of golf and it seems to help my sun damaged skin heal. Thanks a million.
    Michael J. Lavery

  2. Maria Quezada Hernandez Says:

    Dear Michael:

    I am so glad that you are enjoying the Anti-Aging Serums. They contain 100% active ingredients, promote cell renewal, reverse sun damage, stimulate collagen, and improve elasticity. It doesn’t get better than this. Please tell your friends that the skin care products are now on sale (20% off regular price) through December 31, 2009!

    Maria Quezada Hernandez

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