“The Temples of Light” Book by Danielle Rama Hoffman

Maria’s tip for the month for December 2009:

The book “The Temples of Light” by Danielle Rama Hoffman, is being offered, along with $3000 in bonus gifts, beginning on December 8th at 12:01 am.  We invite you to visit – www.thetemplesoflight.com/promotion and then click on the “order” link, order the book on Amazon and return to the promotional page.  Enter your name and email address to reach the bonus page. The bonuses are not available until December 8th.  DANIELLE RAMA HOFFMAN has been a healer and teacher of metaphysics and the healing arts since 1994. She has studied with Nicki Scully for 12 years and is a member of a lineage of Thoth. She specializes in Egyptian Temple Mysteries and leads spiritual tours to Egypt’s sacred sites. She lives in Seattle, Washington.

One Response to ““The Temples of Light” Book by Danielle Rama Hoffman”

  1. Danielle Rama Hoffman Says:

    Dear Maria,
    Just stopping by to say thank you for sharing The Temples of Light with your readers. I will check back to see if anyone has any questions about the book.
    With appreciation and joy,
    Danielle Rama Hoffman
    Author of The Temples of Light

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